Learn from Others!!

Who can you learn from? Weird question huh?

Well, believe it or not there is always a person here on earth whom you can learn from. I’ve found out throughout the years,that it is very much so essential to sit at the feet of those who are on the path you desire to take in life.

It doesn’t make you less than a person to gain wisdom from others. In fact, it helps launch you into your endeavors quicker. Why? Because you are learning what mistakes you can’t afford to make, and also what ways you could use as a detour in order to obtain your goals more smoothly.

Learning from others will show how non-intimidated you are as well. Intimidation can be an enemy to success. There’s no need to be intimidated by those who can help you. In most cases, those who are “intimidators” don’t even have a clue they are being viewed as such.

So I encourage you, go and seek wisdom from others!


One thought on “Learn from Others!!

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