Good Employers + Good Employees = Great Customer Service ðŸ˜ƒ

I have worked in the field of customer service (human interaction) for the past 15 years. In this arena there are multiple streams of interactions with multiple persons, such as co-workers, employers, customers and other companies that provides services to your company.

I’ve learned throughout the years that there must be a POSITIVE connection between the Employer and the Employee in order to make it through any work day. This connection is vital, because out of it flows, positive interaction with others. This is not to say that every day will be a “Walk In The Park” type of day, however there must be a conscious effort on both parties to ensure that the same goal is being accomplished.

So, you ask, “What goal”?

The goal in every business and organization should be THE CUSTOMER. If you lose sight of the customer then you might as well pack up and close your business (or sale it to me!).

This is why the employer and employee must have the same view in mind on a daily basis. The employer, in most cases, is given the ultimate tasks of handling daily operations, payroll, complaints and a load of other responsibilities. The employee, in most cases, is given the ultimate tasks of dealing directly with the customers; which includes just as much energy as the employer puts out in a days time. (To be continued…)

I would like to encourage you to sit back and analyze your relationship with your employer or employee and think about whether your sum total is The Customer or 5:00pm.


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