The Customer Who Inspires The Employee

Today I drove happily to my children’s favorite fast food restaurant, McDonald’s. We all had decided we’d get an ice cream after having an eventful, creative day of play outside.

They were so excited to get that ice cream and the cone in their little hands. I heard, coming from the backseat, “Mama why won’t that car go up, they know we’re trying to order some ice cream”! I quickly responded, “Son it’s alright they’re probably unsure of what they want to order”.

My son was so antsy to get to the drive-thru speaker, he almost ordered before I could respond to the employee. So, after her greeting I proceeded with a question regarding the types of ice-creams they have available; per my sons instructions. The response I received from the employee was very “cold” and too direct. Therefore, I hesitated, and pondered as to whether I was going to order their ice cream from McDonald’s today.

Well, I decided to go forth with the order and use this opportunity to possibly encourage an employee. Upon, my driving up to the first window to pay for the order, I noticed who the employee was. I couldn’t believe that she was the one taking the order and being so unpleasant.

I immediately knew something was not right and thankfully there weren’t any cars behind me in the line, so I simply asked her, “Today hasn’t been a good day so far”? she replied, “No ma’am”. The tears began to fall instantly. 

I knew I only had about 20 seconds to encourage her so I told her to give me her hand and quickly said, “You are doing a great job. Every time I come here, you are always nice, compassionate and engaging with me. “Don’t allow others to pull you to their level. You keep that smile and remember, you have a customer who looks forward to seeing you every time she comes to McDonald’s; ME”! She quickly gathered her tears and and the smile I knew she had seemingly buried for the day, came forth brighter than ever before! Her response was, “Thank you I needed that”.

I encourage you to make an employees day and lift them up with kind words of comfort and support. You never know if that employee feels like they can’t smile anymore. 

I challenge you, “MAKE AN EMPLOYEE SMILE”!


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