Internal Customer Communication

Is your organization communicating the same language as it pertains to daily customer satisfaction?

Throughout my tenure in customer service it is very common to receive different “vibes” from various team members when it comes down to customer satisfaction.

Let’s check out a few examples. There may be the team member who is present at work solely because they have bills to pay; no passion about their job at all. Then there could be the team member who is exhausted from work-related issues and can’t seem to shake herself; therefore her cynical ways and views overrides the culture of the organization. Lastly, there’s the team member who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the customer receives what they are paying for and in some cases, more than what they are paying for.

My reason for writing this blog is to simply bring awareness to the lack of “same talk” in organizations today. It is imperative for team members to push past their personal emotions and feelings to ensure the customer is satisfied. It should also be every CEO, President, Manager and Supervisors’  responsibility to ensure every person who represents their organization is thoroughly trained to understand the vision of the company. Not only trained but have an understanding on how the vision is communicated through the team member to the customer on an every day basis.

So you ask, “How can I properly train my team on effective and consistent communication within my organization?” Glad you asked!

Here are three quick tips to help you.

  1. Become creative with making the vision of the organization stick to the team members minds!
  2. Implement “Customer Satisfaction” surveys and have each team member give one to the customer upon completion of their visit. (Make the survey short as possible with blank space available for the customers suggestion for your organization)
  3. Frequently recognize  your team members for their accomplishments within the organization.

I hope this blog adds a little value to your organization!

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