Internal Customer Communication

Is your organization communicating the same language as it pertains to daily customer satisfaction?

Throughout my tenure in customer service it is very common to receive different “vibes” from various team members when it comes down to customer satisfaction.

Let’s check out a few examples. There may be the team member who is present at work solely because they have bills to pay; no passion about their job at all. Then there could be the team member who is exhausted from work-related issues and can’t seem to shake herself; therefore her cynical ways and views overrides the culture of the organization. Lastly, there’s the team member who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the customer receives what they are paying for and in some cases, more than what they are paying for.

My reason for writing this blog is to simply bring awareness to the lack of “same talk” in organizations today. It is imperative for team members to push past their personal emotions and feelings to ensure the customer is satisfied. It should also be every CEO, President, Manager and Supervisors’  responsibility to ensure every person who represents their organization is thoroughly trained to understand the vision of the company. Not only trained but have an understanding on how the vision is communicated through the team member to the customer on an every day basis.

So you ask, “How can I properly train my team on effective and consistent communication within my organization?” Glad you asked!

Here are three quick tips to help you.

  1. Become creative with making the vision of the organization stick to the team members minds!
  2. Implement “Customer Satisfaction” surveys and have each team member give one to the customer upon completion of their visit. (Make the survey short as possible with blank space available for the customers suggestion for your organization)
  3. Frequently recognize  your team members for their accomplishments within the organization.

I hope this blog adds a little value to your organization!

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Angel Butler




The Customer Who Inspires The Employee

Today I drove happily to my children’s favorite fast food restaurant, McDonald’s. We all had decided we’d get an ice cream after having an eventful, creative day of play outside.

They were so excited to get that ice cream and the cone in their little hands. I heard, coming from the backseat, “Mama why won’t that car go up, they know we’re trying to order some ice cream”! I quickly responded, “Son it’s alright they’re probably unsure of what they want to order”.

My son was so antsy to get to the drive-thru speaker, he almost ordered before I could respond to the employee. So, after her greeting I proceeded with a question regarding the types of ice-creams they have available; per my sons instructions. The response I received from the employee was very “cold” and too direct. Therefore, I hesitated, and pondered as to whether I was going to order their ice cream from McDonald’s today.

Well, I decided to go forth with the order and use this opportunity to possibly encourage an employee. Upon, my driving up to the first window to pay for the order, I noticed who the employee was. I couldn’t believe that she was the one taking the order and being so unpleasant.

I immediately knew something was not right and thankfully there weren’t any cars behind me in the line, so I simply asked her, “Today hasn’t been a good day so far”? she replied, “No ma’am”. The tears began to fall instantly. 

I knew I only had about 20 seconds to encourage her so I told her to give me her hand and quickly said, “You are doing a great job. Every time I come here, you are always nice, compassionate and engaging with me. “Don’t allow others to pull you to their level. You keep that smile and remember, you have a customer who looks forward to seeing you every time she comes to McDonald’s; ME”! She quickly gathered her tears and and the smile I knew she had seemingly buried for the day, came forth brighter than ever before! Her response was, “Thank you I needed that”.

I encourage you to make an employees day and lift them up with kind words of comfort and support. You never know if that employee feels like they can’t smile anymore. 

I challenge you, “MAKE AN EMPLOYEE SMILE”!

Good Employers + Good Employees = Great Customer Service 😃

I have worked in the field of customer service (human interaction) for the past 15 years. In this arena there are multiple streams of interactions with multiple persons, such as co-workers, employers, customers and other companies that provides services to your company.

I’ve learned throughout the years that there must be a POSITIVE connection between the Employer and the Employee in order to make it through any work day. This connection is vital, because out of it flows, positive interaction with others. This is not to say that every day will be a “Walk In The Park” type of day, however there must be a conscious effort on both parties to ensure that the same goal is being accomplished.

So, you ask, “What goal”?

The goal in every business and organization should be THE CUSTOMER. If you lose sight of the customer then you might as well pack up and close your business (or sale it to me!).

This is why the employer and employee must have the same view in mind on a daily basis. The employer, in most cases, is given the ultimate tasks of handling daily operations, payroll, complaints and a load of other responsibilities. The employee, in most cases, is given the ultimate tasks of dealing directly with the customers; which includes just as much energy as the employer puts out in a days time. (To be continued…)

I would like to encourage you to sit back and analyze your relationship with your employer or employee and think about whether your sum total is The Customer or 5:00pm.

You’re Good! 👍

The power that you have is like none other. You are the only one who has the access to your future. Others can help you along the way, but the actual entry to success can only be granted by YOU!

It’s amazing how we can view others as being so successful in the endeavors of life, but we sit back and look at ourselves as if we are just “viewers” of those peoples success. Well I beg to differ! You have been on the sideline long enough. It’s time for you to break out on that vision and believe that you have the power to succeed.

Yes. You!! Get out there and plan your life (Don’t try to exclude God…it won’t work without Him)! Allow God to guide you and watch how the manifestation of success takes over!

As my father says, Let the success of your vision prove your critics wrong…you don’t even have to open your mouth!

Think High!

The power to think is an awesome tool in which we have been granted in life. There’s no limitation to your thinking ability. Check this out; did you know that you have the power to think yourself happy? Yes it’s true! Well you also have the power to think yourself sad.


If you have the power to think high…THINK HIGH! Sooner rather than later, once you have committed yourself to think higher than everybody else then you’ll see that thinking pays off.

Why do I say this? Glad you asked! I say this because what you think will eventually become your reality, if you put in the necessary effort to make it happen.

Don’t allow your thoughts to remain stagnant in your mind. Put your thinking into action!

Success first starts in your mind…but it’s fulfilled through your actions…then it’s approved by your results!


Learn from Others!!

Who can you learn from? Weird question huh?

Well, believe it or not there is always a person here on earth whom you can learn from. I’ve found out throughout the years,that it is very much so essential to sit at the feet of those who are on the path you desire to take in life.

It doesn’t make you less than a person to gain wisdom from others. In fact, it helps launch you into your endeavors quicker. Why? Because you are learning what mistakes you can’t afford to make, and also what ways you could use as a detour in order to obtain your goals more smoothly.

Learning from others will show how non-intimidated you are as well. Intimidation can be an enemy to success. There’s no need to be intimidated by those who can help you. In most cases, those who are “intimidators” don’t even have a clue they are being viewed as such.

So I encourage you, go and seek wisdom from others!

Keep ‘Em Satisfied!

Business Owners tip:

Hello Toppers!

I want to extend a very helpful tip to you my friend.

Always remember your customers or clients are coming to you for a service or solution. You have to be mindful of how you and your staff treat them.

The key to displaying great customer service goes far beyond “thank you, have a great day”. You have to be willing to go the extra mile to assure your client or customer is well satisfied. Now this may not be able to be accomplished daily but at least you can say, “I did my part”.

Remember, one bad customer can deter five more potential customers from receiving your services.

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